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Armed Forces Medical College AFMC Bangladesh

Armed Forces Medical College Bangladesh

Armed Forces Medical College AFMC Bangladesh Founded In 1999

About AFMC

The medical education of the country has been constantly improving to keep pace with the worldwide progress of medical science. Bangladesh Armed Forces felt the necessity of possessing a group of energetic, motivated and dedicated young people to lead the health sector in the 21st century. The medical education of the country has been constantly improving to keep pace with the worldwide progress of medical science. Bangladesh Armed Forces felt the necessity of possessing a group of energetic, motivated and dedicated young people to lead the health sector in the twenty first century.

MBBS Program in AFMC Bangladesh for Indian Students

AFMC Follows Undergraduate Medical Course Curriculum Approved By The Bangladesh Medical And Dental Council And By The Faculty Of Undergraduate Medicine Of Bangladesh University Of Professionals (BUP) .On Successful Completion Of The Course And On Passing Final MBBS Examination The Medical Cadets Are Awarded MBBS Degree From Bangladesh University Of Professionals (BUP). The Duration Of The Course Is Of 05 Academic Years (Excluding 01 Year Compulsory Internship Training Required For Registration To BMDC).

Fees Details in AFMC Bangladesh

Standard expenses of MBBS study for foreign citizen Click Here MBBS Fees In AFMC Bangladesh for Indian Students

Eligibility Criteria for Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Dhaka

The candidate has to fulfill the following criteria:
a. The students must have minimum total GPA (Grade Point Average) minimum 9.00 of SSC/‘O’
level and HSC/‘A’ level or its equivalent examinations.
b. Must have Physics, Chemistry & Biology in ‘A’ level or its equivalent.
c. Candidates must have minimum Grade Point 3.50 in Biology in HSC/‘A’ level or its equivalent
d. Equivalence Certificate of ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels or equivalent examinations (for GPA) to be collected
from Directorate General Health Services, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh and must be declared
eligible for admission.
e. Photocopy of Passport.
f. Application shall be forwarded through respective Embassy.
g. Marital status – Unmarried.
h. Age limit – Maximum 22 Years on 01 July 2018.
i. Candidate must be physically fit, medical certificate by registered doctor to be submitted.

N.B: Last date of submission of Application 30 October 2018.

Download Prospectus [pdf-embedder url=”https://www.saicareers.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Prospectus-of-AFMC-21-Session-2018-2019.pdf” title=”Prospectus of AFMC Session 2018-2019″]

Medical College At A Glance

AFMC is completely a residential institution. The medical students are treated as ‘Medical Cadets’. It is compulsory for them to stay in the dormitories as provided by the college authority, The cadets must follow all rules and regulations regarding customs and etiquette, decorum and decency of the dormitory living as framed or will be framed from time to time by the college authority. There are separate dormitories for male and female medical cadets near the college campus. Rooms, once allotted to the cadets are not changed without specific sanction by the administration. Visiting hours as per standing operating procedure are strictly adhered to. In case of female cadets only those visitors are allowed whose names have been notified to the college authority by their parents/ guardian.

Medical cadets are provided with messing and allied services including laundry facilities. The messing, laundry and allied charges are paid by the cadets.

On arrival at Armed Forces Medical College, medical cadets are issued with all necessary uniform and other supporting items. The cost of which are met out of outfit charge payable by the cadets.

AFMC Bangladesh AIM is to develop a medical cadet into a complete person with qualities like human values to produce better disciplined and skilled doctors for the national health care service. We give emphasis both in curricular as well as extra curricular activities in addition to routine syllabus. We usually provide additional classes by the renowned personalities of various subjects like military life and discipline, social values, leadership, English, computer skill etc.

Participation by medical cadets in extra curricular activities is mandatory. These activities not only provide welcome relief from the arduous and monotonous training schedule but also help to ignite leadership qualities among cadets and enhance their physical, intellectual, moral and ethical development.
a. Club: Followings are in existence:
(1) Debating club (2) Culture club
(3) Journal club
b. Games and Sports : Arrangement for following games and sports are available :
(1) Football (2) Cricket
(3) Volleyball (4) Table Tennis
(5) Badminton

Armed Forces Medical College has a well spacious library and it is enriched with different types of books and journals. The library has a good collection of training video films/audio cassettes and professional slides. Enrichment of a library is a continuous process. Every year budgetary allocation is there for the procurement of medical books. The computer lab is furnished with 20 computers with all accessories and internet facilities. Computer Knowledge would help the cadets in acquiring medical education by using internet facilities. Besides, medical Cadets are also allowed to use AFMC library which has a stock of more than 12 thousand books covering all aspects of medical professions.

A cafeteria/ Canteen situated within the premise on the college provides light refreshment to the cadets/visitors on payment.

Prospectus Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Bangladesh Click Here

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Bangladesh Application Form for Foreign Students Click Here