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MBBS worth the sacrifice while preparing for Entrance

Is MBBS worth the sacrifice we make while preparing?

Every candidate unable to crack NEET UG in India that doesn’t mean they are dull students, many brilliant medical candidate unable to qualify Entrance Test so they looking for best alternative to study abroad similar to Study curriculum like India. If you research you’ll find Study Medicine in Bangladesh is best alternative.

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All the sleepless nights you spend with your modules and M.C.Q books, all the tiring coaching hours you go through, all the anxious moment you struggle through but stay strong and confident. Yes it’s worth every bit of it.

Just by the mere fact of cracking the pre med school test you become the role model of so many aspirants. Your parents are the happiest people that time. The tough journey ends but stays there in your mind like a hard earned experience of your life.

But this is not the end of your efforts, the ‘Doctor (Dr.)’ prefix demands more still it would be worth it too.

No matter which college you get the journey of MBBS in a Medical College is an experience worth having. It’s the journey you won’t ever stop telling about to your children. It has highs and lows, you may also question yourself why this. But my friend destiny has got this for you and there’s more to come you just have to be patient enough.

Never give up the enthusiasm you had during your preparation years. That very thing would do wonders to your career.

Along with that make friends, go for outings, talk to people, have fun. It isn’t that you just make sacrifices in the preparation phase only. MBBS demands much more of your dedication but sacrifice stands for forgetting your own pain for healing other’s

You make innumerable efforts during your 11th and 12th and maybe an year or so after that, just to enter a medical college.

After reaching your dream destination, you realise that life isn’t as easy as you perceived it to be!

In the first year itself, you are loaded with 3 vast subjects, with a time period of 10 months or so to complete it. You struggle with your own self, trying to improve every single day. You struggle with the never ending course.

And finally, you enter second year. Again, you have 4 vast subjects to learn, most importantly pathology. You are also exposed to the subjects of final year in the second year itself! You struggle to manage all the subjects at a single time.

You start going for clinical postings. You get to interact with many patients, all of whom are in pain, all of whom need treatment.

When you start talking with these people, you understand what MBBS really means.

Seeing you in a white apron, they consider you as everything. Your normal procedure of history taking( during third semester) turns into a personal conversation.

They start telling you their family problems, their financial problems. Sometimes, the patient’s relatives start discussing their own problems with you. And you console them, you make them believe that everything will be fine, you’ll be healthy again, even when you don’t know anything about their problems. That false consolation means a lot to them, it gives them hope in the hardest of times.

At the end, it feels great when they bless you, bless you to become a great doctor in future. That single gesture makes your day.

I myself have experienced it. Recently, I got not so good marks in my ward leaving exam. But, I was surprisingly happy even after that.

You know why?

Because the patient whom I interacted with was happy after talking with me. His son trusted me.

Even after hearing all the cases of violence against doctors, MBBS is really worth the effort.

Because many people have risked their lives for the development of what MBBS is today.

John Hunter, injected Treponema pallidum bacterium in himself to study the changes in Syphilis.

Edward Jenner injected Variola virus in his farmer’s son in the procedure to develop vaccine for Small Pox.

So, we need to respect the profession. It is really worth the effort that we put in!

Tiring yourself with long hours of study just to be able to diagnose a single disease properly.
Realising and accepting the fact that you won’t get to enjoy life like your friends in engineering and commerce friends are doing.

This is the life you chose for yourself. Always be proud of it. Cheers to all the medicos and the aspiring ones!!