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Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical Colleges

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises. If anybody found indulged in such kind of activities, strict action will be taken irrespective of the extent. Supreme Court of India has banned ragging.

We get reports this year few medical students complain about ragging in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh. Headline when MH Samorita Medical College where two Indian student left campus. Rangpur Medical College also in headlines in 2016 when female student embarrassed by senior students of same medical college (Source http://www.bdchronicle.com/detail/news/32/29206) 

It was a much-awaited moment for the first year medical students on Monday as they entered the college which they would be part of, for next five years. It was all the more special because their seniors and professors were there to welcome them into the college premises.

Rangpur Medical College 14 female students face action for ragging Click Here http://www.bdchronicle.com/detail/news/32/29206

Let’s talk about something, very carefully. Expect not to read, but try to understand by heart.

At the beginning let’s go back a little bit. Imagine a year ago or earlier, when you had such a fastest junior batch. How was the state of your mind when new to your campus?

New environment, new places, new people, new life How a horror and fear was working, right? They are in the same condition as are the children in front of you today. There is a feeling of fear, intimidation. Which is normal

A student came out of all of you and came to you. That’s why he is helpless. For the last four to five years, all of them have left, what is the big trouble for him? Still it is necessary to trouble him again?

When you were new, how do you think about a senior, how to hide the story in Abaddal. If a brother was very agreeable, he would have had a good feeling in the mind as well as speaking to him. Again, if a brother’s behavior is bad then he will not be able to keep his face open.

They will tell you the same way. Say good if good and if bad, bad will say. If you get worse, you will feel terribly hurt, which can work much like a curse.

To make yourself known, not only is bad behavior and torture. It can be remembered with good behavior. Rather, it lasts and it engages with respect and love.

Respect comes in two ways. One is from the mind and the other is from fear. What comes out of fear is respect, not just self-esteem, but an attempt to discourage itself.

If you do not see him from the heart, but he will see you from a distance, but you will embrace him. And from fear, he will run away from the distance.

Do not make yourself known by any such work, so that the boy passes out and goes to the higher level of the administration, even after five years, you may seek remedial attention to repay the injury. I said in light of the reality.

Today, if you want to lose the lime, you want to lose it, and you have to spend a few days together and add to it, but do not have any respect.

A student will get more satisfaction than having fun by having a mental torture, leaving him with his hands on his shoulders and saying, ‘Why are you so afraid of the boy?’ This is your campus, we are all siblings. ”
And this student will be very happy too. Get peace

I understood that they were decent men, they were able to mix with everyone. But understand that not everyone came from a situation. To adapt to the new condition, it will be time to give some time.

The boy who slept in the room now sleeps on the floor with hundreds of boys. The girl who did not even drink tea at home, she is now washing her own clothes. Are they less for him? Still need more?

In fact, there is a lot to say about this. So do not raise the word. Just ask that everyone thinks of themselves in that position of a new student, feeling in their heart, treat them like that.

And yes, not all juniors are saints. There’s a lot of scurrility. Treat it with a screw in the same way. But for this, it does not have any effect on pouring water.

If you give a lot of shock, you feel like winding it. On the other hand, a very gentle and even a little bite will hurt. Because he does not deserve bad use.

Everyone loves junior, in their own way. It’s true. A new batch is actually a problem for you to organize for them, welcome them, work hard at night. Why do they feel painful for their words and behavior?

In fact, almost all the students of a university are outside of this. Some of the handmade people have the hobby to keep themselves in high esteem. And the relationship is well with them later. These are just for a few months.

Since then, if the relationship is good then why is the beginning? Good start well Not bad.

Learn Manar, learn rules, understand everything. But learning is not tortured.

And to the new students also, the rag is not as unwise as it is also unhealthy to eat. It seems very irresponsible, how does it take to eat it again?

Yes eat It is also eaten as well as rag or just winters. Your habit, courtesy will prove that you are educated. The fact is, the ad-curriculum has grown from small to small. If you can not learn this in twenty years of life then you may have to give some of its value.

I did not fear fear in the situation of the first day when I came to the University, but playing back the COC, running mobile, doing Facebook cheating, and seeing myself in the eye.
And this is not just rudderless, it is a bit of a scandal. It is wrong to say nothing to someone else.

If you notice, a batch is not eaten by everyone. Some familiar faces are hand-in-hand. In that case, there are two very weird or very modest students.

Everyone is saying it is bad. Those who are very good at getting this opportunity to do so with their pitiable mentality.
But if all this is excluded, why do such bad senior people torture them even with so many thousands of students?

And in this case they are saying that they have problems. Maybe everyone gave it a discount, but some of them have been worse off. Although it is also unfair. In the beginning, we should understand it differently.

So hope that both sides will get that sense. Everyone will have a good relationship from the beginning.

And those people who started taking cue on an organism began to shorten the organization, if the culture of the whole organization, then thousands of students could not survive this year.

Some of the choleraits remain in the zodiac. For the sake of making Tilak the whole organization before looking at their own good relation, sincerity and good aspects. Hope to not only run to create an appetizing story to feed the market.

Students will say again, the student who loves his organization can never do this. Because the love of the organization will love everything here, even newcomers. And think of the honor of the organization. Do not do anything for which someone has the least chance to talk about his own organization.

So if you can not become a man by studying, at least be a student. Do not become animals in the inhuman or distorted brain.

The word “rag” should be only for rag day and fun. There is no other bad sense.